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Why face trouble of erection failure take Cenforce to make long

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Difficulty in erection is a common issue that almost every 1 in 10 men is suffering in the US. The faster lifestyle, lack of sleep, unhealthy diets, more of alcohol, grapefruit juice and doing an excess of cigarette smoking are some tiny steps that drive you to the road of Erectile Dysfunction.

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Failure in erection is termed as Erectile Dysfunction and the men in such condition get completely unable to satisfy the sensual needs of her partner by not getting the perfect sturdiness in his organ and remains flaccid in his penile turning the overall fun of intimacy to a big zero-“a complete waste of energy”. Making intimacy that gives amusement to none but makes the senses disturbed due to physical dissatisfaction is far dangerous than not having asexual session.

A man gets erection when he gets stimulated to make love, his body releases NO (Nitric Oxide) which later creates the accumulation of cGMP inside the penile vessels this leads to the relaxation of the smooth muscle fibers in the penile organ which later allows the flow of blood in the region in excess which builds a strong and stiffer erection. The time for which the person stays sexually active is his stamina and the potency. More you can hold your stiffness better you can perform your intimacy session and deeper you can get satisfied.

Men, those who fail to keep their erection for long can take the medicine Cenforce available in different dosing strengths 50, 100, 150 and 200mg. Sildenafil is that active moiety which is presently enfolded in the medicine that creates the awesome flow of blood in the penile organ and makes men fuller in his erection.

Mechanism via Cenforce 200 mg medicine gives man quicker erection is combating the action of enzymes PDE5 whose role is to break the molecules of cGMP into smaller subunits. Prevention of enzyme action leads to NO-cGMP accumulation in the penile tissues that gives men quicker and stiffer erection for the long-term duration.

A man can swallow the dosing of Cenforce 30 to 45 minutes before making a physical connection with the partner. This medicine can be taken with water in a unit form without breaking or crushing. Once you consume this pill its effect will remainin you for long hours but just don’t repeat the medication before completing 24 hours.

Side effects of the intake of Cenforce pill are nausea, headache, stiff back, the fastening of breath, poor digestion and a little painful erection.

Safety precautions you can take up with Cenforce pill include the following;

  • Avoid grapefruit juice, booze, and caffeine in excess
  • Do not take food that takes a long time to digest else medicine effect might get delayed
  • Do not perform any strenuous task after this pill

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