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Buy Careprost Eye Drop an effective eyelash enhancer

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Have you wondered what would become of eyes if there are no eyelashes? Wouldn’t the world miss those beautiful fluttering of eyelashes, those long and beautiful eyelashes that shape the eye?It is probably not just about the beauty and completeness eyelashes provide to the eyes, it is also that they are the first line defense of the eye from dust, dirt and of course they assist in sleeping.  These are like icing on the cake of eye but unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with this phenomenal feature.  In a condition known as Hypotrichosis of eyelashes, the growth of eyelash is stopped, they become short, fragile as they break easily and they lose their luster and density. The whole beauty and complexion of eyes are sort of lost. This situation can arise due to various factors such as reaction from some medication or cosmetic, excessive use of mascara, age, birth or genetic defect.

careprost eye drop

There is no dearth of people who are willing to go the distance to get the beauty of their eyes back by getting the eyelashes grown back. Women make use of products like prime, glitters, mascara, false eyelashes etc. but these are no substitute to the real hairs.  Besides the eyelash wig is hard to hold and falls off often. The best substitutes to real eyelashes are real eyelashes and you can get them with the help of Careprost eye drops.

Careprost is a praiseworthy ophthalmic preparation which is heavily relied upon for the effective management of Hypotrichosis of eyelashes. This product is the most loved choice of people especially women as it offers them with natural and longer, fuller, thicker and sufficient eyelashes which reinstates the beauty of their eyes and adds it further. Careprost is one-stop-shop women worldwide choose as it adds to their beauty naturally.

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% falls in the therapeutic category of protamine analog medications. The drug elicits its response by raising the number of follicles that develop in eyelash in the growth phase called Anaphase for a longer period of time. By spending a prolonged period of time ion the growth phase, the follicles develop in dark, long, strong and denser looking eyelashes that take the beauty a step higher. This drug also facilitates a process known as melanogenesis which darkens the eyelashesand consecutively enhances dermal papilla’s size which makes the eyelashes look better than before.

You are required to wash your hands properly before applying this medication, rinse your face and pat dry such that there is no makeup available in the eyes. With the pack of Careprost comes an applicator, apply the drug by pouring a drop on the tip of the applicator and draw from the inner region of the upper lash line against the outer region similarly the way you apply eyeliner. Do not apply the drug on the lower eyelash as the drug will spread when you close your eyes. Use this ophthalmic preparation routinely once at bedtime to have its beneficial effects.

A few mentionable side effects that may bring inconvenience to a few of the users are a headache, itching or stinging sensation in the eyes, dryness of eyes, burning, and symptoms of a cold.

Precautions to be exercised:

  • Keep the tip of the applicator clean as that may lead to infections.
  • Take off the eye lenses if you are putting any up and take a gap of 15 minutes before you apply them again, once you have used the product.
  • Maintain agap of atleast 10 minutes before applying a makeup or using another eye drop, once you have used this product.

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