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Let Your Eyes Be The Centre Of Attraction With Careprost Eye Drops

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careprost-eye-drops-jpg-250x250Do you want someone to admire your eyes and fall in love with them? Do you want someone to write poetry for your beautiful eyes? Every woman desires the eyes that are the epitome of beauty and eyelashes are the crowning glory of the eyes. Eyelashes not only enhance the beauty of your eyes but also act as a protective shield against dust, sweat and other foreign particles. Unfortunately, some people are not blessed with beautiful and long eyelashes as they suffer from a condition called hypotrichosis in which there is scanty and falling of eyelashes. Sparse eyelashes decrease the beauty of your eyes and do not let makeup look good on you. Using false eyelashes is the only option that is left then but that too is temporary solution.  Therefore, we have Careprost eye drops for you that will enhance the growth of your eyelashes and will beautify your eyes.

Bimatoprost Eye Drops are the astounding ophthalmic solution that cures the problem of hypotrichosis. Careprost eye drops are quite effective in lengthening the short and sparse eyelashes. Careprost will make your eyelashes dense and flattering and will beautify them without any extra effort. Apart from treating hypotrichosis, Careprost eye drops successfully treats open angle glaucoma. The main functional constituent of Careprost eye drops is Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost, in hypotrichosis, acts by enhancing the anagen phase and decreasing the telogen phase of eyelash growth cycle thereby enhancing length and density of the eyelashes. In open angle glaucoma, Careprost eye drops act by increasing the drainage of aqueous humor from the eyes thereby decreasing the intraocular pressure.

How to administer Careprost eye drops: 

In hypotrichosis: To treat hypotrichosis put a drop of Careprost eye drops on the applicator brush and apply it on your eyelid closer to your lash line. Repeat the same procedure on the other eye as well. Use Careprost eye drops preferably at night before sleeping.

In open angle glaucoma:  For treating open angle glaucoma, instill a drop of Careprost eye drops once a day, preferably at nighttime, into the eye cavity; close the eye for 10 seconds. Repeat the same procedure in the other eye as well.

Noxious effects of Careprost eye drops: the commonly seen noxious effects of Careprost eye drops are burning and stinging sensation in the eyes, watering of eyes, irritation in the eyes, feeling of having something in your eyes and redness of the eyes.

Preventive measures of Careprost eye drops:

Do not use Careprost eye drops if you are allergic to Bimatoprost or any other ingredient present in this medication. Driving and performing tasks requiring visual alertness is inadvisable while using Careprost eye drops. Remove the contact lenses before using Careprost eye drops. Wait for 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses after using Careprost eye drops.  Do not use any other ophthalmic preparation concomitantly with Careprost eye drops.

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